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Searching Tips PDF Print E-mail
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There are various methods to look for models on our website. For regular visitors, the easiest way perhaps is to look at the Latest Models, located on the left side Menu Bar. Please note you can adjust how many results are shown on each page.  You can display up to 500 results per page, making navigation easier, but somewhat slower.

Another method if you would like to quickly browse all our models and don't want to bother with keywords or what categories they maybe  in, click on the List All Products link located further down the left menu bar.

In addition to all the categories we have created, there are two more methods you can search for models using keywords.

Please note Method 2 is the preferred method to look for models as the results will display a thumbnail image as well as other useful information such as SKU# and price, but for some strange reason, the first search you will make always never works and displays all models found on the database. However subsequent searches will show you the correct results.

Method 1

Start by entering a keyword. In this instance we enter horse and click on Search

You will see all the products with the keyword horse anywhere in their description will be displayed on the screen.

If you now want to look into more detail a product, it is suggested to do a right mouse click, where a pop-up menu will appear.  I prefer to Open in a New Window, so it is easier to close and get back to where I was in the products results.

Method 2

Start by entering a keyword. In this instance we enter horse and click on Search, there is live search function and any keywords found while you are typing will be displayed below the search box.

You can click on any of the results displayed below the search box, or click on Search button to display all of them in the main window.


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