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How to Wrap a Relief around a Cylinder - ArtCAM
How to Wrap a Relief around a Cylinder PDF Print E-mail
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In this tutorial, we are using ArtCAM 2009 but pretty much any version should do the trick.

In this brief tutorial, we will show you how you can wrap a model around a cylinder to make use of the rotary axis of your machine. The main thing to bear in mind is how much you want the model to wrap the model around the cylinder and scale appropriately.  So if you wanted to wrap a model only about 50% of the entire cylinder you would need a work area that is at least double the width of the relief.

In this example we will wrap a model on a cylinder 70 mm in diameter, which gives a circumference of 219.9113mm, so we create a work area of the appropriate size.

Adjust the dimensions and resolution and click the OK button to create the work area.

The next thing to do is import the relief we want to wrap.

Scale and position the relief in relation to the work area.

Click on Paste to paste and close the dialog box.

This is what our model will look like after clicking the Create Greyscale Bitmap on the Reliefs Applet.

In this example we will create a texture on the area not covered by the relief simply to have a background and be able to see the result more clearly.  This step is optional.

Then Click on the Relief--> Create Rotary Relief and select Wrap X.

And that's it, the model has been wrapped around the X axis.

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