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3D Model Club 3D models can be used with many software CAD/CAM applications. The majority of our models are designed to be used as standalone designs or incorporate them into your design. The most popular file format we provide is STL, which is compatible with pretty much any CAD/CAM application, but we can also provide you with native ArtCAM, RLF files which tend to be a lot smaller and easier to work with, if you happen to be an ArtCAM User. We can also provide you files in Vectric's Cut3D V3D format or any of the Rhino formats.

By default all models are supplied as ArtCAM RLF or STL formats, if you require V3D format please advise us before you purchase so we can convert and have them ready for you.

Many other CAD/CAM software packages support our STL file format (been the de-facto in the CAD industry) and depending on the specific CAD/CAM software you use you can typically scale, resize and then machine the models. With some software like ArtCAM, you can use our models to make more complex models, by repeating them, re-shaping them or simply add them to a more complex design. The same is applicable to other popular software such as Vectric's Aspire, or Enroute.

We highly recommend before you purchase any of our models to check out some of our free models to see if your software supports them. Simply create a free account on our website and check out our free models under the User Menu.

Below is a comprehensive (but surely not complete) list of software products that support our models, as more CAD/CAM products become known to us, we will add to the list. Please note, not all products have been tested by 3D Model Club personel, but we have had success reports by many customers.  Quite a few of our customers may rely on a combination of software tools to get the results they requir e for their application.

If you are a CAD/CAM software vendor and would like to add your product to the list please let us know by sending an email to info@3dmodelclub.com


ArtCAM Pro, ArtCAM Jewelsmith, ArtCAM Insignia



Desk Proto


En Route Pro




MillWizard from Delcam




Sensable Technologies FreeForm Modelling and Modelling Plus, Clay Tools


ShopBot PartWorks 3D


Type3 TypeEdit, 3Design



Vectric Software Cut3D and Aspire



Visual Mill


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