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Finished Products from Customers
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How to navigate the different photos.  There are a few different galleries on this page, clicking on an image, will open a larger version of it, you can click on the right or left part of the image to go to the next image. Clicking on the main page bacground will exit the gallery viewing and you can move to the next gallery.

Project by  Krasnovskii Andrew Vitsentevich  / Красновский Андрей Вицентьевич

Project by Franco Laghi.

Project by Bob Reda, various animal scenes.

Project by Alex Navarro - Horse Running





You can buy this model from here

Project by Peri Damoulis - http://www.sign-art.eu




Project by Santosh Raja 

You can buy this model from here



Gun Stock - Jose


Face Sculptings - Various Customers  

Try some free models to see how they cut or how they look. 


Various Customers  



Project by Harry Maldonado



Projects by Viktor Zsigrai - Stations of the Cross



Projects by Randy - Dolly Madison



Projects by Jordan Sheppard - www.signsofsuccess.net


Great sign Jordan, Thanks!!   

Projects by Santosh Raja


 Projects by Babis Flouris


Stations of the Cross Project by Slawomir Taranowicz


Quail Project by Norman Pease


Attached are a couple photos from the Stuart job (Quail and cactus). Again, hats off on this one, really turned out nicely. Oh by the way...this cabinet is to hold trash cans. Some folks just have too much money.


Kitchen carvings by Richard McMahon.

view the Lady with Flowers model on our catalog

view the Sping Lady model on our catalog


Fisherman scene by Tadas on Vectric Forum  

view this model on our catalog


US Navy Seal by Chris Swiger

View this model on our catalog  

Chris kindly send us a few photos and a video while cutting this project.



A big thank you to Chris  http://33degreeseastww.com




The Last Super  
Videos courtesy Chris Swiger  http://33degreeseastww.com/ 


You can see more photos here





There are quite a few photos in this page, please wait until all images load up on your browser.  To view a larger image click on the thumbnails. 


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