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What can you expect from our custom modeling services.

Custom models are subject to our approval.  We offset our costs by being able to offer custom models you send to us for sculpting and post processing by selling to other visitors on the website as stock items at our regular stock item prices. Therefore we  reserve the right to decline pieces we feel are not right for distribution to others. 


What we will not do

1st Rule, we respect others copyrights.

If you are planning to sculpture faces of people  do not send us photos of movie stars, singers and other artists as they or their agents will claim copyright infringement.  If you do want to sculpt for you a famous artist you can do so on our  site and must prove and agree you have the legal right to produce artwork on their behalf. You will also have and pay for it as an exclusive piece, as it will be of no use to our other clients.


Same applies to images of other copyrighted materials.  Don't ask us to create models of Mickey Mouse or other well known characters, the copyright holders are having large legal departments and we don't want to get into legal battles with them.


We will not do company logos unless you can prove to us you are entitled to use their logos. 


Faces of well known public, elected officials

  • Any generic models of photos we think will add to the value of our library.  You must agree however that you own the copyright or are the legal holder of the images you send to us.  The final decision of whether we will create the sculpture or not, is solely at the 3D Model Club's management discretion.

What are your other terms & conditions?

Generally speaking custom models are payable in advance once we agree the details on the model we are going to sculpture for you.

What is your shipping policy?

We only send out digital files in various formats as per client specification. If you want to have a physical item shipped to you please send us your requirements via email

What payments do you accept?

You can pay us with credit card using Paypal, if you prefer another way to pay us, please contact us for details and wiring info.

What kind of software do you use?

We mainly use ArtCAM, Corel Draw, Adobe Photo Shop, and other proprietary software we have developed in house. 

What kind of files can you accept?

Acceptable file types:  psd, ai, dwg, dxf, mc, jpeg, png, bmp, stl, rlf, eps, cdr , just to name a few.  At 3D Model Club we can usually start with most any type, however, depending on the application, some types work better than others. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Do you charge design fees?

We generally work directly from the photos you send us. If clean up is is required on the CAD model that is part of the quoted price. If you have special requirements or if we need to do special processing to the files we will discuss with you first.  If you have some special requirement for a model, and can’t source an image we can help you out with custom design. We can work from rough sketches, drawings, concepts etc.  Our team includes highly skilled graphic designers, jewellery designers, and other artists. 

I already have a model done but cannot digitize it, can you help?

Absolutely, we are here to help you with your projects.  If you send us your model we will prioritize it and usually scan it within 24 hours. Charge is generally determined by the actual size of the model and any additional post processing work we may have to perform on it to enable you use it without delay.

Do you have size and quantity limitations?

Our current laser scanner can accept models up to X 15 x Y 15 x Z 5 inch models, with an incredible resolution of 3 micron.  If our needs change we are in position to have even larger size to satisfy our clients expectations. Also, we can create pretty much any size project by processing it in sections. 

Do you create prototype pieces?

Yes we do.  Just let us know your requirements and will be happy to help..

Do you do your own finishing treatments?

Yes, all finish treatments are done in house. 

Price Quote/ Cost factors?

Please feel free to email us with your needs and ideas.  We can then work up a sample, prototype or quote based on your project.

How long will my project take?

Most jobs are generally done within 7 – 10 business days from the day we agree on your project.  If we have a very busy schedule we will inform you up front about any delays.  

Who owns the copyright for custom models?

3D Model Club owns the intellectual property rights for any work commissioned to us.  Digitized models are licensed to you only to use in your own projects or clients’ projects whether it is for profit or not.   The licence entitles you to use as many times as you wish. There is no limit on how many times you can use a model purchased from us.

Can I redistribute to others models provided to me.

No you cannot sell, rent, give away models created by us for your use. 3D Model Club owns the intellectual property rights for any work commissioned to us.  Digitized models cannot distributed to third parties in any media, including, CDs, DVDs uploaded to websites, FTP sites, transmitted in any electronic way without explicit permission from 3D Model Club.  This restriction applies to individuals, corporate organisations, government organisations, non-profit organisations, schools, hospitals, prisons etc.  You are allowed to use our models into any finished products you may create for your clients or your own collection. 


You cannot make a mold or other production device for mass production. You also cannot sell the electronic files, in part or included in another design or in any format,  or give them away for free.

I am a mold maker, can I purchase one of your models and make a few thousand finished products?

If you are going to be using our files for reproduction purposes 3D Model Club does offer an unlimited licence for 10 times the original cost. So for example if a model costs US$ 40, you pay US$ 400 and you can make molds and can sell unlimited reproduction products. 

You can also purchase a stock model from us for mass production and we can take the model off our site.  The cost for that would be 20 times the original cost.  So if a model costs US$ 40, you pay US$ 800 and it will be taken off our website for good.

Our other terms and conditions still apply however, and you cannot redistribute to others models in electronic format.

Do you guarantee your products?

Of course, we are not happy till you are.  Our international reputation is on the line, so we make sure every customer is 100% satisfied.


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