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About Us
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If you are looking for high quality art pieces crafted by real artisans you came to the right place. All our models are crafted in the traditional way by hand by expert sculptors to give it that unmistakable hand made look, which is almost impossible to reproduce  with any CAD software available today.

We then use high resolution laser scanners to digitize our models. There is nothing stopping the real artist in  you out there to hand finish our models to give it even more extra-ordinary look and detail that most computerized systems cannot handle.

3D Model Club supplies models for many industries including but not limited, Signs, Architecture, Woodworkers, Jewelry and more. 

What we aim to achieve is simple, let you and your clients experience from Now to Wow in a time efficient and cost effective way. 3D Model Club is open to all, members or non members who want the best masterpieces and unique designs to use with their projects.

The majority of the models are carved at about 5 inches square. If you need to resize the models while keeping the relief with a reasonable detail you will need a decent CAD software.  If you don't have access to a high end CAD software please let us know and we can resize the models to your final dimensions.

All models are delivered in STL format, we can also deliver to you the reliefs in ArtCAM RLF format.  Contact us if you have other requirements.

If you are a VectorArt Machinist user and do not have the ability to work with V3D or STL files our clipart will not work for you.  You may want to look at our page with additional CAD/CAM resources for some ideas Click Here

3D Model Club is the home of high quality 3D bas reliefs. We offer professionals and enthusiasts that like 3D high quality models of organic shapes and life forms.  Our philosophy is very simple: we want our customers to get the highest quality 3D reliefs at the best possible price.


RSS Feeds

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